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Money is a tough topic!

Why is it important for you to help support your kids to raise financially savvy grandkids? Because we all want our grandchildren to grow up with a healthy attitude toward money. Lots of people have frankly “messed up” when it comes to money. We want our grandchildren to learn to create and stick to a budget and have control of their money life and not have it control them.


Neale is the expert who started the topic of “Kids and Money” 30 years ago, when she was searching for a way to teach her own kids. Now she is a grandma and wants to help other grandparents to give them tips and tools to help their grandchildren be money smart. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a week, Neale will send you 2 easy and fun lessons each month that you can do with your grandkids. Click here to subscribe to Neale’s Common $ense News.

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Best of Times For Baby Boomers

As a grandmother I strongly suggest that if your kids want their kids to grow up happy and well-adjusted there is a simple, old-fashioned path they can follow. They should have more quality grandparent time.

Grandparent’s Corner Subscription Preview: Citizen-of-the-Household

Because we are so special to our grandkids, we also get to set examples for them. We want them to understand money lessons, like, “the only way you get money is to earn it”. But, as Grandma Neale, I want my grandchildren to understand that it’s important to also be a good citizen and to pitch in to help without getting paid. So, part of my money system teaches just that. We all need to make our home, our community and the world a better place for everyone.

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Saver vs. Spender

We all seem to be born with a Financial Personality. Watch this video for some tips to help your kids to be balanced Savers and Spenders.

Buying a Piece of the American Dream, One Product at a Time

“Made in America.”

Three simple words; one profoundly important sentence.

It’s a shame, then, that a dwindling number of Americans are growing up with the pride in product and manufacturing that was once their birthright. Mention places like Detroit to young people today, and they are as likely to associate the troubled Michigan city with the likes of rapper Eminem, record unemployment, and inner city gang violence as they are the “Automotive Capital of the World”.

Grandparents, Grandkids, and Money

We want to be the “cool” grandparents and sometimes we think cool is buying things for our grandkids. Okay, I’m guilty! My daughter caught me saying to my granddaughter (her daughter), “Can you say grandma is going to buy you a pony?”