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I bet that you have Shmootz™ in your life, I do!

Shmootz™ represents a metaphor that, “Problems happen in life and it doesn’t matter who creates the problems, we all have to fix them.”

In game-play on the Green$treets App, Shmootz, the gooey, fuschia slob, has messed up the place and players have to clean up Shmootz messes.

In real life, let’s face it, unless we had Shmootz, we wouldn’t be cleaning. Why would we do dishes unless they were dirty? Now let’s make this fun. We want you to take a photo with Shmootz to find the “Shmootz” (or potential “Shmootz”) in your life.

Take a picture of Shmootz in front of that mess and send the picture to our site. Maybe other Shmootz followers can come up with clever ideas to deal with your Shmootz! You can also use him as a gentle reminder to your co-workers to clean that messy desk or stop using tons of paper.  Or, maybe you need to place a Shmootz photo in your kid’s room to say “Shmootz was here, it’s time to clean up”!

Download your photo of Shmootz today!

(And stay tuned for the launch of our Green$treets store to buy Shmootz products, such as dolls, keychains, and more.

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