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What is Your Child’s Financial Personality?

If you give your child money, does he or she save it?

Does your child lose or misplace money often?

Do you often hear the words, ''I want, I want,'' when you go shopping with your youngster?

If you ask your young one, ''Why do you want this?'' does he or she often say, ''Because Johnny has one.,'' or ''I saw it on TV.''?

Is your child reluctant to spend any of his or her own money?

Does your child get pleasure in seeing a bank account grow?

If your child sees a penny on the ground, will he or she go out of his or her way to pick it up?

Does your child decide to save for a special toy, and then later choose not to buy the toy?

If you say ''No'' to the suggestion of stopping for ice cream or pizza, does your child ask, ''Can we if I pay for it?''

When you travel, does your youngster want to bring presents back to all of his or her friends?